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Vince Sandlin Podcast - Episode 17 - February 9, 2011
February 09, 2011 09:05 AM PST

Episode 17 ought to get you some motivation and inspiration for the new year. this episode is a little dreamy and a little heavy. probably the result of the emotional roller-coaster we all experience during the holidays and new year. Look FORWARD, not BACKWARDS in your life. Remember that the past is connected to the future through the present. Put the trials behind you, learn from them, and move forward. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Let's all rejoice with some good music now!! Come on Spring!!

FEEL the Music!!


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Vince Sandlin Podcast - Episode 15 - September 10, 2010
September 09, 2010 09:28 PM PDT

I want MORE, MORE, MORE… Painkillers…and it breaks me but I feel…INTENSIFIED!!! Kyau and Albert's 'Painkillers' has turned into a mega-hit. I think this tune has different meanings…more than just the literal term 'painkillers'. We all need Painkillers…let's face it. Episode 15 drops in just in time to wave goodbye to the summer time and all the fun we have experienced. For many, some trying times…but for all, maybe some closure in this music for the past trials and even better, some excitement for the future. Overall, a MONSTER Summer for Music. I met Gareth Emery back at the beginning of the Summer and got a sneak listen to some of the massive hits he has coming…the first on his artist album is 'Sanctuary' featuring Lucy Saunders. So far, this has my vote for Vocal Trance Tune of the Year. Speaking of Vote…it's that time again. The DJ Mag Top 100 Voting. go to http://www.djmag.com/top100 and vote for your favorite artists of the last 12 months. This is the most respected award in the DJ world and has become the ranking standard. VOTE! Armin Van Buuren is currently number 1 (3 years in a row) and he hasn't disappointed this year either. Episode 15 features his mash up of 'Lost Together'. The Podcast Classic is one that is truly dear to my heart. Truly the first Trance Tune I ever fell in love with, 'Gamemaster'. This was also on (in my opinion) the greatest album ever, 'Tranceport', by Paul Oakenfold. I was finally able to please one of the podcast followers with a beautiful mix with Nadia Ali in this episode. Here you go, Angel. Ironically the first song which fits perfectly into this Episode as the first track is named 'the end'. Shortly after i break out the Keyboard Cowboys and 'on a metropolis day'. FINALLY got my hands on that one!! One of my favorite songs is 'waiting for the sun' with Manon Polare…Tydi does a phat mix here!! She has an AMAZING voice!!!
No matter where you are in the world, turn it up loud and let yourself go! Sink into the tunes! I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did making it!! Give me some feedback. I LOVE MUSIC



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Read more: http://www.myspace.com/vince1979/blog#ixzz0z5vxupV3

Vince Sandlin Pocast - Episode 14 - 8/5/10
August 05, 2010 08:48 PM PDT

DAYUM it's HOTTT!!! lol…

I'm going to start off with the sappy part.

Life throws unexpected curve balls at us all…the important thing is that we adjust our swing…and swing for the FENCE!!! some things only come around one time…realize it when it does and grab a hold of it tightly or you may lose it. The timing is never right…so take chances or you may lose them.

I hope everyone is having the time of their lives this Summer. The music is about as good as it has ever been…so relieving after a quiet few months in the dance music world. I'm sorry for the long period between Episode 13 and 14…my schedule has been quite demanding. I received more positive feedback from episode 13 than any other episode…thanks for all your messages and support…it has been and will continue to be a fun ride. Good news for everyone, Gareth Emery releases his artist album in September. I have been lucky to hear almost all of the tracks and I can't even begin to tell you how this kid is about to take over the industry. Such an amazing talent…thanks for everything Gaz! Daniel Kandi just remixed 'Sanctuary' and it's HUGE! Lucy Saunders…amazing voice!

Episode 14 of the Vince Sandlin Podcast got a test drive here in Dallas last weekend at a house party and it was inspiring seeing people inadvertently start moving to the beat. LOVE THAT! Seems it was a success…so, why not release it?! Tracks include still some that I wasn't quite cleared to put in the podcast on Episode 13 straight from my Europe trip… The unbelievably melodic tunes of Aircraft, the AWESOME sound of Emma Hewitt in 'live forever' (Episode 15 will also have a remix of this)(this sounded unbelievable in the sound system of Sankeys, Manchester), Beautiful featuring Fisher, YOU are NOT Alone (MONEY) by Mason, Tarantula by pleasurekraft, Robert Burian's mix of 'meant to be free' which is about how humans were meant to be free physically and spiritually…so much meaning in this tune, a stellar mix of the White Socrates, Griffin by Artento Divini, Trouble in the Red Light District, and of course the Podcast Classic - Off The World…Gareth Emery of course.
I hope you all enjoy this installment of my podcast.

ohhhhhh…and don't worry, Episode 15 will have an exclusive mix of 'painkillers' winking something about that choon that's got me in rythm!!….hmmmmmmmmm

Feel The Music!!

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Vince Sandlin Podcast Episode 13 - 6/8/2010
June 07, 2010 09:44 PM PDT

Episode 13 was configured, produced, and mixed live from various spots in Europe during my trip; even high above Europe in the airplane. I was blessed with new tracks while visiting Gareth Emery in Manchester at Sankeys (outstanding night!) as well as encouraged by a few of Paul Van Dyk’s tracks during his set at his 10yr anniversary of his record label, Vandit. I have some tunes that aren’t even available to most people yet; especially here in the States.

Thanks for being so classy Gareth and properly welcoming me in to your home arena. I can honestly say that Paul Van Dyk and Myon and Shane 54 encouraged this Episodes Podcast Classic, Beautiful Things by Gabriel and Dresden with Andain on the vocals (it is the very last track on this episode). It’s about a girl who married a guy who everyone else wanted her to marry and who they all thought was best for her. He was a doctor and offered her financial security and fit the ‘mold’ everyone else decided was for her. She wasn’t allowed to think for herself or make her own decisions; instead she was pressured into something that wasn’t right. She regretted it. According to Josh Gabriel, ‘This song is about regret and to stop and look at life and see how beautiful it is cause you never know when things might get ugly. ‘ Very well said, Josh. Do things for you…do what makes YOU happy. The rest will fall into place. Don’t let others create your ‘mold’. Let God create your ‘mold’. You just approve it. When you approve it, go at it with all your heart! Love is a two way street.

This episode starts out with a bit of New Orleans in it with a jazz/progressive house mix…it’s pretty neat. You can begin to hear the shift in energy at around 25 minutes (you can blame Gareth Emery for this sudden shift). One of my favorite tracks is ‘trinity’…every editing during my mix on it gave me goose bumps. I revisited it every time I sat down and put the headphones on. It’s so melodic and dreamy…wow, that track creates some vibes!!! Have a new track from Lange, ‘under pressure’…Yuri Kanes ‘right back’, a collaborative ‘she moves’ mashed up by yours truly, Love comes again, Maaybe, Not going home, and two tracks in tandem that will make you get up and move no matter where you are, Shamballa and Shimamoto. They may catch you off guard making you look silly to whoever is watching you. winking I hope this episode can serve to you all the same level of emotion as I felt while making it. I hope it successfully spills off onto you all. This episode was truly encouraged by so many different aspects of my life and of my trip. STOP and see the BEAUTIFUL THINGS.

To all my friends and family, you are BEAUTIFUL to me…I have stopped, and I can see The Beautiful Things...

Vince Sandlin Podcast Episode 12 - 4/26/2010
April 25, 2010 10:36 PM PDT

MUSIC IS WHAT FEELINGS SOUND LIKE. remember this as you listen to my Podcasts. Each episode is carefully selected and created. I express emotions through music. As you will notice, this episode is 'wavy'....up and down...Episode 12 came quick! i just put the headphones on and couldn't stop!! lot's of good Music in this episode. House/Trance and progressive electrifying beats to get you excited for summer time. which is right around the corner! i don't have a blog lined up to go with this episode but the Podcast Classic is 'Flow' with Gareth Emery. 'Flow' was featured on one of my earlier projects, before getting into the podcasts...I will be visiting Gareth at Sankey's in Manchester, May 21st...exciting!! i will leave you with a quote from Armin Van Buuren - 'it's not just love for music, it's my passion. It goes beyond liking and beyond a hobby, it's about a way of living. Music is my LIFE.'



to make request for mix ideas or to blog visit my facebook page

Vince Sandlin Podcast Episode 11 - 3/25/2010
March 25, 2010 08:59 PM PDT

ok...so I always say 'FEEL THE MUSIC'...this picture is greatness...she is DEFINITELY FEELING IT!! smiley

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
Victor Hugo

I like to express myself through music...music is a way for me to communicate...with myself...with God. me smiley

SPRING is in the AIR!! Dallas welcomed in the Spring with 8inches of snow...Last day of Winter, 75 degrees...first day of Spring, SNOW...2 days later 73 degrees! ha!

The Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music Festival are going on in Miami as we speak...if you've never been, GO NEXT YEAR!! it's a hell of an experience! there will be over 60,000 people there this year...that's crazy! The first WMC was in 1986...the event has come a LOOOONG way. It is now World Renowned.

Episode 11 of The Vince Sandlin Podcast helps bring in this new season! there's a hint of balearic sounds typically introduced in the hot months of the Summer from the Island of Ibiza and the great tradition that carries on in the dance music world there. 3 months into the year and still unable to collect my thoughts on what has happened to the time...it's only fitting to mix 'time stands still' with Melinda Gareh into the Podcast...some GREAT vocals from Emma Hewitt, Chris Jones, my all time favorite old school vocalist JAN JOHNSTON, and Cari Golden. This episode has a great mix of house, trance, and progressive dance tunes. The ever popular 'Podcast Classic' is from America's NUMBER 1 DJ - Markus Schulz...voting is revealed next weekend and I'm calling it! Markus did an UNBELIEVABLE track with Karen Overton, 'Loving Arms'. I remember longing to hear this in the Club at one of his live shows...the feeling and vibe that come from the speakers in a packed club is SOO INTENSE...such an awesome song!

No matter where you are in the world, make this your life's soundtrack for the upcoming month...feel the music and try to fall into the emotion and meaning of the music as it is intended. Listen as you travel, work out, in your car, or even at your desk to break the monotony of your day.

Welcome Spring...Welcome SUN!


Please send your requests or comments to my Facebook page or even on the ITUNES post


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Vince Sandlin Podcast Episode 10 - 2/19/2010
February 18, 2010 10:39 PM PST

2010!!! If the first 2 months are a measure of what the next 10 will bring then we are in for a treat in 2010 with MUSIC!

THIS is the Vince Sandlin Podcast...and the very first track will pull you out of your seat...no matter where you are!! The Podcast Classic is New York City by Paul van Dyk. Beautiful track! You will notice towards the end of this Episode of The Vince Sandlin Podcast things start to get a little bit on the harder side of Trance. It seems that it's about this time every year we get this harder sound...I wonder if it has something to do with the winter to spring transition. Spring is right around the corner!!

We all also get sooooo excited this time of the year as the Winter Music Conference in Miami is right around the corner. This event is HUGE!! if you can get out to Miami for this....DO IT!!! it's worth it!!! A city view of Miami is the cover for this episode; for obvious reasons.

Leave your comments for me please...Episode 11 will be out QUICKLY!!!

Hopefully you all haven't already given up on your New Years resolutions. This is going to be another special year.

FEEL the Music!


2009 Countdown YEARMIX!
January 16, 2010 09:48 PM PST

It's finally here! the Vince Sandlin Podcast 2009 Countdown YearMix! The votes are in, the mixes are made...THIS is a recipe to die for! More hours were put into producing this episode than any other one...This one is FUN...i hope you all enjoy! to all a prosperous 2010...LET'S DO THIS!!!! turn this one UP!!


FEEL the Music!

Vince Sandlin Podcast Episode 8 - November 21, 2009
November 21, 2009 08:12 AM PST

Episode 8 is a special episode. My gift to all of you for The Holidays! A 2 and a half hour mix of the latest and greatest trance and progressive tunes…mixed with a little bit of a touch of house winking This will be the last episode of the calendar year 2009 sad It has been a fun and successful year for me personally as well as in my hobbies, such as this. Hard to believe Episode 1 was only posted in February of this year. It has been a fun ride so far to get the feedback of everyone including people across the globe…how neat is that?!!

Episode 8 is loaded with Angelic Vocals and inspiring sounds. The signature 'classic' is by Super 8 and Tab; Helsinki Scorchin. I had A LOT of fun making this episode as I have made some improvements to the studio computer as well as some new software…

Please vote and send me your favorite tracks stemming back from October of 2008 to now…i am putting a 'ranked' yearmix together…it will be FUN! Originally I had asked for 5-7 songs but will accept as much as 10. I will probably do a top 25 count down…but mixed!

***Have a safe and enjoyable Holiday…MAKE TIME FOR FAMILY. MAKE TIME FOR FRIENDS. But most of all…PAUSE…AND MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!! Slow down your life this Holiday Season! Put the headphones on or turn up the stereo in the car…let the music take you aside…remember the reason for the Season…remember Who's Birthday we are Celebrating!***

I hope that you find this to be your Holiday Soundtrack!!!

FEEL the Music!

Vince Sandlin Podcast Episode 7 - October 4, 2009
October 04, 2009 01:51 PM PDT

Summer is gone, Fall is here. With the cold chill in the morning to the colors of Fall in Nature it is evident. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then the greatest holiday of all, Christmas!

I've intertwined and mixed the Halloween movie theme song with the tracks throughout the entire podcast...this was requested by a very close friend of mine...thanks for the ideas Angel winking. I love the piano mixed with the scary movie bass on this. I think you will like what I've done with it!

The Episode 'Classic' is Tiesto's remix of 'Tears from the Moon' which will bring goosebumps. I also have a 2009 remix of Paul Van Dyk's 'For an Angel' which is a phenomenal classic as well. This episode is full of surprises!! HA HA!! I hope that you will make this your soundtrack of October!

Episode 8 will be posted immediately after Halloween. I am EXTREMELY excited about the quality of the music I have been working on for 8! I can't wait to release it!

I will be doing a 2009 YearMix at the end of the year as Episode 9. Please send me your top 7 tracks of 2009. I will take tracks that date all the way back to October of 2008 for this mix. It will more than likely be a 2-3 hour mix...so it's going to be a lot of fun!!

I look forward to all of your comments for Episode 7 as well as your lists of your favorite Tracks! Feel the Music!!

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